Champion the Researchers

We ran five university events for 11-14 year olds to learn about the cutting edge of engineering research: what do researchers do, why do they do it, and how does it impact our everyday lives? After each event, a select team was invited back to the university, armed with a camcorder and some questions, to make a short film of their favourite researcher ...

The five videos

Teams are now competing for the Maximum Exposure award - who can show their film to the largest audience?
Here are the five videos, one from each of the five universities:

Free classroom activity ideas

These 15 downloadable classroom activities are based on different aspects of engineering and research. Each uses the context of one of the engineering researchers involved with our project. The list of engineers link to either a case study, student film or staff profile. Viewing or reading these would serve as an ideal starter activity, particularly if you add a few simple recall or comprehension questions. The activities are standalone - some are straightforward, while others lend themselves to project work such as a CREST award.



Maria Cann, University of Surrey

The invention game

Catalina Sparatu, UCL


Amirul Khan, University of Leeds

Standard operating procedures

Carwyn Frost, Cardiff University

Research debate

Eva Sorensen, UCL

The science behind adverts

Radu Sporea, University of Surrey

Peer review

Maria Salta, University of Southampton


Ben Waterson, University of Southampton

Traffic lights

Ramesh Swaminathan and Nidal Khatib, Cardiff University

Joint friction

Mithila Achintha, University of Southampton

Chocolate strength

Tristan Smith, UCL


Claire Brockett, University of Leeds

Research project: Joint replacement

Stefani Botusharova and Brubeck Freeman, Cardiff University

Research project: Biomimetics

Paul Dodds, UCL

Communications project: Breakthroughs

Jordan Boyle, University of Leeds

Design & Engineering: Making robots